hi welcome to my site C i'm 17 latina pardo brazilian & identify as lesbian i also use any pronouns j i don't mind most female term (except for girl).slight ib by ikisschris

guidelines my dnf doesn't apply if i follow first. this is my main/priv so i will talk abt whatever i want. ike i make kms/kys jokes.im still a minor pls dont be a freak or ill hb. i solo stan hihiz + others. rules dnf if born after 2006, radfem, mcyttwt, dislike anyone in txt or bahiyyih, stan enah or nwjns, keplian, stay, miracle, v.i.p, (i dislike most of these fandoms), get into lgbtq discource every day of the week

music M txt ot5, nmixx, ive, aespa, bahiyyih, hikaru, jeno, yangyang, haechan, mark.media w manifest, pll, greys anatomy, abyss, dynasty, business proposal, so not worth it, & more . . . cw